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This is really hard. I've been struggling with this decision for some time now, and I'm not entirely happy with it, but I know it's the right thing to do. It's time for Curnen to leave London. I love her to pieces, and even as I write this I don't want to, but. There's a lot I wanted to do with her and I did a good chunk of it, but she never quite found her place.

She and I will both really, really miss her relationships here, and I'm glad to have last threads with anyone who'd like a proper goodbye. If you don't have the time/spoons/inclination for thread, she would still have taken the time to say farewells.

Thanks for all the great threads.


Jul. 26th, 2017 08:33 pm
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As of this post Faizel has left the game. He's gone back to The Other Side to return to his studies. He'll have said his goodbyes, his very awkward goodbyes. He'll have also left a way to reach him for anyone interested, and will be available for temp plots if he's needed.

Thanks to everyone who's threaded with him!

Related, I was going to do a goodbye post for Val, but I'm not sure I'm up for it. He's so painfully quiet now that he's genuinely a struggle to write. Instead he's just going to mysteriously vanish. For anyone who'd be interested in investigating or sniffing around his disappearance, give me a poke and we can talk about things they might uncover. I'm not 100% where that kind of plot would lead, but it could be fun.

<3 Liz
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After chatting a bit with Shan, we came up with a plan to bring Spencer and Hotch back to LCRPG. However, we're requesting you all give us a clean slate. It's been a while since they were in game, and we think enough time has passed that they can have a fresh start here in London.

They're coming from much later in canon than last time (Reid's wiki is here for the curious), and Spencer is arriving first, though Hotch won't be far behind, I'm sure.

Thanks in advance!

Liz (and Shan by proxy!)
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(No, it's not like the Monster Mash.)

* As of July 1, and the link drop just posted, Godric is living in London with Eric and is going to be a full-time character, instead of temp/as needed. He (and I) look forward to many many threads with you in the future. I'll try to give him an EP soon.

Note: Godric is not currently feeding, but at his age he can go a long time without. He does not have the suicidal inclinations at London Calling that he had in canon.

* Janette will be staying in London as an NPC, with the Hotel Lenore still available for light-tight accommodations and vampire neutral ground.
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As of today Fin will be leaving the game temporarily. He has an ongoing thread with Will right now that will explain his departure. He's heading to NYC and will return to London sometime in August. He wont have taken the time to say goodbye to anyone, as post-bond breaking and Will's 'death' he's in a very raw and unpleasant place. That said, he will be breaking his contract with the BBC and that's a headline that should pop up on twitter and in the blogs/papers. 
Valentine Collingwood will be leaving the game permanently sometime near the end of the month. This is a plot Shan and I have been sitting on for a while now, and there will be a final EP for people who want to say goodbye.
I'll also be dropping Faizel in the near future.
I'm doing a slow reboot on my whole roster tbh, but this is the first lot of changes for now.
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TL your pups and other players will tag them with a symbol that's linked to a prompt! Reply with a mini start for a thread based on the chosen scenario/prompt for your pup, and the pup they tagged you with, to play out in the meme! (I'll do my best to use phone friendly symbols, but this meme is likely best suited for mouse and keyboard.)

!!! - One pup finds the other drunk on the street.
</3 - First date, worst date.
>_< - Age swap! One or both pups are now dramatically older or younger.
~~~~ - Snowed in with no one but each other.
v_v - One pup is sick/injured, the other is doing their best to take care of them.
:x - Start the thread with an unexpected kiss.
:o - Start the thread with an accusation!
>:o - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT (verbal or physical, player choice)
lulz - Have your pups text one another, late at night, while bored.
zzz - Your pups are stuck in a motel and must share a bed.
(o)(o) - Gender swap one or both pups.
Or, feel free to invent your own prompt instead of using one of the ones above! Also, you don't have to use strickt game canon, feel free to AU as you like. Go wild, have fun with it.

As always, these interactions are not game canon, this is just a bit of fun and a writing exercise!

This is a long format meme and will be open all month long!


Jun. 11th, 2017 01:46 pm
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June 20 is the Summer Solstice and it marks the time of the coming Faerie War that I've been working toward all year. This will be a game wide plot (which you can opt out of by simply having your pup not notice or be unaffected).

Beginning at midnight on Tuesday dark forces will be running amok through London and Seelie fae will be chasing them down. The Milesian are an ancient foe, so much more dangerous than any Unseelie fae. They are tall and pale with black hair, black eyes like pits, and wide mouths with rows and rows of sharl teeth. They are impossibly tall and spindly and their fingers are long with extra knuckles. Definitely nothing you want to see in the dark. But they won't be confined to the dark. You will have opportunity to see them through the day as well.

Magic will be thick in the city so anyone sensitive to it will notice something is going on.

I am going to put up a GP for any and all, and will have a top level for Willy to fight. Spoiler, it's not going to go well for him but if you tag him he will heroically save your pup.

At your discretion there may be Unseelie afoot, too, if you'd like some faerie encounters that are less scary but just as dangerous through the plot. There's a trove of resources online to tell you the sorts of Unseelie you might encounter.

Any questions or suggestions just ask! As with all gamewide plots you'll have lots of freedom to make your own adventures!
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 As many of you likely have already heard, there were some attacks the other day in London that resulted in several deaths and injuries. Out of respect we ask that you do not 'play out' these events. This tragedy is not game canon, because tragedy and loss like this is not a game.


- Mods

Pup Drive!

Apr. 14th, 2017 04:45 pm
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Between now and May 14th I'm going to be hosting a little competition in the form of a player drive. If you have friends you think would dig our game, nudge them to apply between now and then, and ask them to mention in their app that they were referred to the game by you. The person who has the most referrals wins paid time for the pup of their choice! It doesn't even have to be paid time for one of your own pups, you can gift it to another player if you like!

I don't expect this to be a huge thing where we suddenly have a billion new players. Honestly, I don't think any of us want that many players, we all like our little game (I hope!). This is just a fun incentive to encourage you all to poke people you think might like this game, or who might fit in well here.

Don't forget to tell them about our transfer app, which makes bringing pups they play/have played in other games easy to bring right in!

- Liz
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 End of the year meme! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

How does it work? Tag in with your pup, and who you would like them to have more threads with in the new year and/or plots you'd like to do next year. Others can then tag you (and you should tag others) volunteering thread ideas and asking one another to be involved with any plot bunnies!

Basically a place to network, RP style.

Have fun and check back often!

PB Update

Oct. 17th, 2016 02:32 am
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In the continuing saga of the hell with Johnny Depp the abusive fuck...

I have finally found another delightful face for Crowley. Let's just all pretend he's always looked like this and no one needs to retcon or be shocked by a new face.

This is Alex Turner. Isn't he lovely?

He's the singer of the Arctic Monkeys and as with basically all my PB's he was a stellar suggestion by Liz.

He looks forward to messing you about.

Carry on.

Drop notice

Oct. 6th, 2016 09:45 pm
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My dear and wonderful pretend-world lovelies,

I've come to the sad conclusion that I have to drop Hannibal. There's just no way to combine RL with RP at the moment. The baby is doing wonderfully, but it leaves me with not a lot of time to RP in the evening. Also, I used to be able to sneak in some tags at work, but work has exploded (in a good way). All in all, it's just not realistic to keep Hannibal. I'm leaving you all hanging and that's just not nice.

So, the idea is to have Hannibal fake his death because someone is getting to close to finding out who he really is and what he really does. There will be a will, and a letter or two, but he will vanish to another life. I'm going to write something for that, because it's nice to have a finale to this ride. :)

I'd love to come back, maybe some day in the future, but for now, I will thank you all for the wonderful make-believe world we've had here, mods and players! It was a blast!

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So I brought London to, er, London, and I am in love with the idea, but I know now that no matter how bad I want to play this idea... It's just not working, and forcing it is doing me no good. Also, with the Fin/Will/Hex plot happening, I'm actually thinking now is a great time to bring Danny back.

So, London is out, and Danny is coming back. :x

Also, just an early heads up, as always, Prometheus' time in the city is nearing an end. He'll be back eventually, but expect him to leave near the end of august. If you'd like threads with him before he goes, let me know! I don't know when he'll return.
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Yeah, we'll see how well that goes. XD

But! Hi everybody, this little girl is Curnen (wiki page here). The tl;dr version of her wiki page is this:

  • She's Tufa. To copypasta: It’s a shortening of Tuatha de Danann, which is to say that she’s fae. The Tufa broke away from the Seelie court, but something in their blood made their tribe split once they settled. Rockhouse—her father—and his people have served as the “Unseelie” side of affairs. Meanwhile her sister is acting as regent for their “Seelie queen” Mandalay. Curnen is something of a Seelie/Unseelie swirl, which isn’t uncommon since it’s a relatively tiny community so many intermarriages have happened. Tufa mainly differ from other fae in how... human they are. as much as possible they live in the world and have become part of it rather than remaining part of the Other Side.

  • She was only just released from a curse last year, because her father is The Worst.

  • She is currently wandering the earth to find herself because aforementioned curse almost erased her from existence.

  • Generally, she's very sweet. Until you back her into a corner, then she will literally bite you.

  • She has six fingers on each hand.

She and I look forward to playing with you. :D Any questions or things that need to be sorted out, please don't hesitate!
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Goodbyes first, I think.

I'm dropping Belinda. She's an interesting character and has a lot of potential, but I'm just not hearing her the way I want to be able to play her right now, and thanks to the slump I went into right as I debuted her, she never really settled into the game the way I'd imagined. Hopefully setting her aside will a) keep me from losing all interest in her and b) give me more time to play the loud ones in my head.

Thank you to everyone who gave me a chance to thread with my story-hoarding dragon.


Et bonjour.

I bring you Janette DuCharme of Forever Knight. She's a vampire, originally from 11th century Paris, who'll be running a new, light-tight, luxury hotel for vampires (and their humans) in London - Hotel Lenore.

She does have a habit of mothering strays, so there is also space in the basement for transient vampires in need of a dark place to spend the night, and mortal prostitutes needing to get away from pimps or abusive johns are also welcome to take refuge in the hotel.

She's been fairly removed from the vampire community for the past twenty years, but before that was the Sheriff of Toronto, Ontario, so it's possible she's been heard of, if not met by other long-lived characters. For vampires sensing the approximate age/power of another vampire, Janette may be something of a conundrum. In some ways, she appears to only be a few decades old, in others, closer to her actual age. Your character may ask, if they want. I can't promise how she'll answer. ;)


Jun. 26th, 2016 06:33 pm
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 So the Brexit is a thing that is actually happening, and we, the mods, want to know how you all feel about making it game canon. At the moment we're leaning towards 'no', since it's a bit heavy for such a fun game, but we'd like to hear everyone's thoughts before we make a ruling.

Comment and let us know how you feel! In the meantime, consider it not game canon.

The Mods
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Before I get too excited about fleshing out this plot bunny I've got...

Would anyone be interested in playing Jareth the Goblin King as a temp?

Or should I just NPC sock him?

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Akeem's been waiting very patiently in a corner of my mind for a long time now, and he finally cleared his throat and politely but firmly requested I get around to writing him (again).

He's 42, he owns a bookshop in Greenwich (he sleeps in a flat above it) and gives some English lit classes in uni. He's also a widower, has been a werewolf for seven years, and used to write a series of noir detective books featuring a bisexual main character, in case anyone wants to have read them. He hasn't published any since he became a werewolf.

Previous connections are welcome, if you want one or more of your characters to know him! I'm about to go throw up an EP for him.


Jun. 6th, 2016 09:06 am
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Playing Danny has been an absolute blast (so many cool mini plots!), however I think it's time for me to let him go. His canon just makes him so hard to play here, and as much fun as it's been, it's becoming a struggle. Some pups can get by being quiet most of the time, but with Danny I always feel like I should be doing more with him, and so right now it makes sense to let him go. 

Who knows, maybe one day I'll revisit him, but for now I'm saying goodbye.

Thanks everyone who played with him! :x You guys are the best.

Drop notice

Jun. 5th, 2016 01:31 pm
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So, I'm trying to be back, but it's time I go back to my once-rule of having only one pup in game. So, with somewhat of a heavy heart, I'm dropping Jade. Feel free to keep the Moulin as a brothel for your pup to frequent, or to mention. Jade will still be around in London, just no longer puppeteerd by me. :)

Tal (only for a murderous cannibal now)