Jun. 28th, 2016

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Goodbyes first, I think.

I'm dropping Belinda. She's an interesting character and has a lot of potential, but I'm just not hearing her the way I want to be able to play her right now, and thanks to the slump I went into right as I debuted her, she never really settled into the game the way I'd imagined. Hopefully setting her aside will a) keep me from losing all interest in her and b) give me more time to play the loud ones in my head.

Thank you to everyone who gave me a chance to thread with my story-hoarding dragon.


Et bonjour.

I bring you Janette DuCharme of Forever Knight. She's a vampire, originally from 11th century Paris, who'll be running a new, light-tight, luxury hotel for vampires (and their humans) in London - Hotel Lenore.

She does have a habit of mothering strays, so there is also space in the basement for transient vampires in need of a dark place to spend the night, and mortal prostitutes needing to get away from pimps or abusive johns are also welcome to take refuge in the hotel.

She's been fairly removed from the vampire community for the past twenty years, but before that was the Sheriff of Toronto, Ontario, so it's possible she's been heard of, if not met by other long-lived characters. For vampires sensing the approximate age/power of another vampire, Janette may be something of a conundrum. In some ways, she appears to only be a few decades old, in others, closer to her actual age. Your character may ask, if they want. I can't promise how she'll answer. ;)


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