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Yeah, we'll see how well that goes. XD

But! Hi everybody, this little girl is Curnen (wiki page here). The tl;dr version of her wiki page is this:

  • She's Tufa. To copypasta: It’s a shortening of Tuatha de Danann, which is to say that she’s fae. The Tufa broke away from the Seelie court, but something in their blood made their tribe split once they settled. Rockhouse—her father—and his people have served as the “Unseelie” side of affairs. Meanwhile her sister is acting as regent for their “Seelie queen” Mandalay. Curnen is something of a Seelie/Unseelie swirl, which isn’t uncommon since it’s a relatively tiny community so many intermarriages have happened. Tufa mainly differ from other fae in how... human they are. as much as possible they live in the world and have become part of it rather than remaining part of the Other Side.

  • She was only just released from a curse last year, because her father is The Worst.

  • She is currently wandering the earth to find herself because aforementioned curse almost erased her from existence.

  • Generally, she's very sweet. Until you back her into a corner, then she will literally bite you.

  • She has six fingers on each hand.

She and I look forward to playing with you. :D Any questions or things that need to be sorted out, please don't hesitate!


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