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 As many of you likely have already heard, there were some attacks the other day in London that resulted in several deaths and injuries. Out of respect we ask that you do not 'play out' these events. This tragedy is not game canon, because tragedy and loss like this is not a game.


- Mods

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So I'd been toying with this idea for a while, and finally decided to just go for it! LCRPG_Sandbox is a new OOC com for players to post, write, and share non-canon interactions. Everything from AUs, writing exercises, testing potential pups out, and, well, anything else you might want to do outside of the game.

It's purely optional, and all in good fun. I'm hoping to post monthly 'gathering post' style posts there, with a different theme each time. Sometimes with AU setups, sometimes with just simple plot ideas... 

Really, think of it as an extension of the OOC com, except where the OOC com mostly caters to the muns, this com will be for our pups. ^_^

I hope to play with you all there!
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Okay, since we've now had two emails concerning the x-men canon, we have to now revisit this plot and address the game as a whole.

We've been asked why we did not bring this plot to the game as a whole to allow it to be debated, and the answer to that is a simple one. For starters, we have run other games in the past (together and apart) where making plots like this open to voting and discussion has either resulted in in-fighting, or absolute deadlock (or disinterest). Also, when we've made huge choices like this in the past (for example: allowing a large group of pups be heavily involved in a government that effects the whole game), there were no complaints. We assumed that meant that as long as no one was directly effected by the plot, no one would mind.
Clearly we were wrong.

As a result we have returned to the plot and have made some tweaks. These tweaks are not up for discussion as they are now part of the game rules.
New game rule: When bringing a pup who's background has game wide effects on other pup's pasts, they MUST come from an alternate time line or parallel world. No exceptions.

In the case of the xmen plot, all events listed on the previously linked wiki page took effect in an alternate time line that merged with the game's time line during the mind wipe. All those events still happened, but unless you want your pup to come from that alternate time line, these events did not happen to them at all.

Hopefully this makes everyone happy.

We run this game for fun guys, between jobs, family and school work. We do our best to make everyone happy, but that just is not possible. While we will, in the future, consider opening large plots like this up for discussion, we hope you respect the choices we make while trying to craft an interesting and fun space for you to play.

- The Mods
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Just a reminder (since I've just had to go through and tag a bunch of posts for people) that if you post an EP or tag into an EP, you need to add your tag to the post. It helps keep the community organized, helps other players keep up with your threads, and makes it much easier for the mods to check participation.

It only takes a moment, so please take a few moments to make sure you've tagged all your EP's and threads.

Thank you! <3
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 Just a few little things we want to get everyone's opinions on.

First of all, If we were to post a meme in the OOC com every other week, would you all be into that? And if yes, what sort of memes would you want to see?

Second, if we were to start having game-wide plots every other month, would you all be interested in that- and if yes, what sort of plots?

Let us know in the comments!


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