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Q ([personal profile] quartermaster_q) wrote in [community profile] londoncallingooc2016-05-05 09:30 pm
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New Side Com!

So I'd been toying with this idea for a while, and finally decided to just go for it! LCRPG_Sandbox is a new OOC com for players to post, write, and share non-canon interactions. Everything from AUs, writing exercises, testing potential pups out, and, well, anything else you might want to do outside of the game.

It's purely optional, and all in good fun. I'm hoping to post monthly 'gathering post' style posts there, with a different theme each time. Sometimes with AU setups, sometimes with just simple plot ideas... 

Really, think of it as an extension of the OOC com, except where the OOC com mostly caters to the muns, this com will be for our pups. ^_^

I hope to play with you all there!

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